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Roden Egoisto Black

Artificial stone / Food grade stainless steel / Silicone


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Roden Egoisto Black hookahs combine luxury and chic. This design emphasizes the status of its owner and attracts the attention of others.

If you are looking for a stylish and modern hookah, then Roden Egoisto will be a great solution. All details are well thought out: functionality, usability, reliability and aesthetics.

Metal elements of Roden hookahs are made of high quality stainless steel, and the flask – of artificial stone. We have made sure that while smoking you can fully relax.

The technology of Roden Egoisto waterpipes production has thought out every detail. They are protected from overheating, durable, shockproof, environmentally friendly and do not absorb odors. In addition, they provide easy blowing of the flask.

After use, the hookah can be cleaned quickly, because its surface is smooth and the artificial stone does not let any dirt through.

Hookahs Egoisto are suitable for a relaxing evening at home as well as for a noisy party at a restaurant or bar.

Give yourself pleasant emotions and complete relaxation with unique Roden hookahs!

Product Description


All Roden hookahs are covered by 6 months warranty, during this period any materials are repaired or manufacturing defects are eliminated. For more details on warranty terms and conditions, please see “Warranty” section.


The height of the hookah is 65 cm.

Weight of the complete assembly is 4.5 kg.




– Hookah

– Saucer

– Hose

– Mouthpiece

– Measuring cup

– Case

– booklet

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