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Roden Egoisto White

Artificial stone / Food grade stainless steel / Silicone


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The Roden Egoisto White hookah has an elegant, laconic design. It will perfectly complement the interior of a modern apartment, house, cafe or restaurant.

All Roden hookahs are made of artificial stone, which ensures the reliability, durability and environmental safety of the product.

In the design of the Roden Egoisto hookah, all the details are thought out so that the smoking process is as comfortable as possible for you.

Don’t worry about the white hookah getting dirty quickly. The smooth surface and artificial stone from which the flask is made make it resistant to pollution. You can easily clean the hookah and use it not only for relaxation and recreation, but also as a decorative element in the interior.

Thanks to Roden Egoisto hookahs, you can perfectly relax after a busy day or create a romantic atmosphere for your soulmate. We made sure that the smoking process is pleasant and easy, and you just have to enjoy and relax.

The Roden Egoisto White hookah is the best choice for modern people who value premium quality and aesthetics. Order a hookah in the official Roden online store with fast and convenient delivery.


All Roden hookahs are provided with a 6-month warranty service, during this period, the repair of any materials or the elimination of manufacturing defects is provided. For more information about the terms and conditions of the warranty, you can find in the “Warranty” section.


Hookah height 65 cm.

Complete weight 4.5 kg.


– Hookah

– saucer

– Hose

– Mouthpiece

– Beaker

– Case

– Booklet

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