Roden planet

The history of the Roden brand dates back to February 2018. It was then at the end of winter that a team of like-minded people, sitting at one of the hookah lounges in Dnipro (Ukraine), decided to create a hookah unlike the others. A hookah that can emphasize the status of its owner and bring to life aesthetic and physical pleasure from the very process of smoking. Then we started developing a hookah and set out to make it unlike any of the classic hookahs. And so began a long journey in the search for designs, materials, finishes and coatings, as well as other technical issues, so that the Roden hookah meets the requirements of the modern market. There were many different prototypes and designs before we managed to achieve the quality and appearance that you can see today in Roden hookahs. The production of Roden hookahs is located in Dnipro city (Ukraine). Roden hookahs are made with a quality approach to the issue of human health safety. We have tried to minimize hookah harm through the use of stainless materials, refusal from paint and other harmful coatings. Only a pleasant light draught and thick fragrant smoke without extraneous aftertastes. Roden hookah is a new unique hookah made of “artificial stone” able to change the idea of ​​hookah art. The name Roden is given to the hookah in honor of the great sculptor Auguste Rodin, who was an innovator of his time. In his work, he broke the frozen academic traditions of monumental art and became one of the founders of modern sculpture. The great sculptor often depicted a person who is in the thought process. Roden stone hookah, like Rodin’s “Thinker”, does not look like any of the previously created plastic forms. But at the same time, it does not cease to be a real work of art.

Roden hookahs are not only a great way to relax, they are also a reminder that every day there should be time for yourself, to maintain inner harmony, to go back to the well.

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