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Roden Egoisto hookah is a unique artificial stone hookah able to change the idea of ​​hookah art. When creating the Roden hookah, the harmony of forms was achieved through the application of the golden section rule that allowed the hookah to stand out with a modern and sophisticated appearance. Each item is handmade by our craftsmen and does not look like any of the previously created  forms. However, at the same time it does not cease to be a real work of art.

Roden hookahs are a philosophy of relaxation and recreation in a new format.

Roden Egoisto White

Roden hookah is the best choice for modern people

Only a pleasant light draught and thick fragrant smoke without extraneous aftertastes.

Roden hookah is a new unique hookah made of “artificial stone” able to change the idea of ​​hookah art. The name Roden is given to the hookah in honor of the great sculptor Auguste Rodin, who was an innovator of his time. In his work, he broke the frozen academic traditions of monumental art and became one of the founders of modern sculpture. The great sculptor often depicted a person who is in the thought process. Roden stone hookah, like Rodin’s “Thinker”, does not look like any of the previously created plastic forms.

Roden hookahs are not only a great way to relax, they are also a reminder that every day there should be time for yourself, to maintain inner harmony.

Roden hookah is made of certified artificial stone.

There are no typical for natural materials microscopic pores in the structure of artificial stone. Due to this, it has high operational and hygienic properties. The surface is easy to clean, impervious to bacteria. The absence of micropores in the material makes it possible to produce from it products that are constantly in contact with water. Artificial stone is chemically and radiation inert, does not release anything into the environment. The stone has strength that is higher than in natural materials, resistant to shock loads and other mechanical influences.

All metal parts of the Roden Egoisto hookah are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

A metric thread is used in the connection of the shaft with the stone base. This type of connection guarantees tightness and reliability of the hookah. The shaft is connected to the stone base in one and a half turn. Using a submersible shaft diameter of 16 mm and the inner diameter of the hose connector 10 mm, we have achieved universal draught. Thanks to the gas-dynamic calculation, the stone base is completely purged. The design and materials of the reverse unit exclude the possibility of the purge cessation.

For a comfortable smoking process, the recommended volume of water is 1,150 ml. Control of the liquid volume is arranged through the measuring cup that is included into the Roden Egoisto hookah delivery scope.

The design of the built-in connector allows you to securely fix the silicone hose that is included into the delivery scope.

Roden hookahs belong to the premium brands because of their design and unique manufacturing technology.

The metal insert at the top of the hookah prevents overheating of the shaft that allows for more comfortable use.

The Roden Egoisto hookah tray has a seat for mouthpiece attachment. The mouthpiece is attached to the tray at a right angle. The tray features an artistic illustration.

Delivery scope: Hookah assembly, tray, hose, mouthpiece, measuring cup, booklet, cover.

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