All Roden products are produced with the highest requirements for quality and safety standards, provided for by the relevant regulations and rules of Ukraine.

In the event of a defective or damaged product in your order, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Any self-modification or use not intended by the properties of the product will void the guarantee.

Photos or other information about your order may be required to confirm the condition of the item.

Free guarantee service is provided for 1 year from the date of purchase.

For silicone products, the guarantee period is 14 days.

Please note that not all the damages are covered by guarantee. The manufacturer is not obliged to eliminate deficiencies free of charge if they arise due to:

  • negligent operation (for example, mechanical damage or untimely cleaning)
  • natural wear and tear
  • misuse
  • incorrect transportation or storage of a product

In addition, products with decorative surface changes (darkening, turbidity, discoloration) after operation, the working surface of which is subjected to periodic chemical or thermal effects, are not subject to replacement under guarantee. Such products are a tray for coal, a silicone hose, a mouthpiece.

We guarantee that all the Roden products pass quality inspection before shipment the order to the buyer. We try to resolve all the issues and objections in favor of our customers. This guarantee applies only to products purchased directly from Roden or placed in this online store —, and does not apply to products purchased from dealers, resellers and other third parties.

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